NDIS gardening maintenance & home maintenance

We offer NDIS gardening, cleaning, home & yard maintenance and minor repairs. Older people or those with a disability can feel assured to continue living in their own homes safely, knowing they have the right kind of help.

NDIS gardening

Keeping your garden safe and tidy is essential to everyone, especially older people or people with disabilities. When you are elderly or have a disability, be it physical or anything that hinders your ability to maintain your entire home, caring for your garden and home maintenance can be challenging and stressful.

Let us help keep your home and garden neat, tidy, and safe, so you can continue living independently.

A Slice of Life can assist NDIS participants with garden maintenance such as:

  • Hedging, weeding
  • Laying turf
  • Cleaning pavers and driveways
  • Lawn mowing, large or small properties
  • Pruning and shaping, bushes, hedges
  • Planting bulbs, seeding
  • Seasonal vegetable garden planting
  • Disposing of garden rubbish
  • Pest control
  • Cleaning gutters, leaf blowing, outside windows (low lying)

NDIS yard & home maintenance services

Our handyperson service can assist you to remain safe at home. From changing light bulbs, fitting alarms, replacing loose or broken pavers and more.

Our NDIS home maintenance disability services include:

  • Repairing walls and ceilings
  • Regrouting tiles in bathroom and kitchens
  • Mending fences and gates so they can be safely used
  • Fixing taps
  • Fixing electrical wiring floor
  • Light bulb, fitting alarm, replacing lose broken paver, and tiles, vinyl
  • And more.

Servicing Greater Sydney, the Central Coast and Northern Rivers region of NSW.

NDIS gardening maintenance
NDIS gardening maintenance
NDIS gardening maintenance
NDIS gardening maintenance

For more information on NDIS gardening, NDIS home & yard maintenance services, please contact us.

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