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FAQS Holidays

We’ve tried to think of all your questions, but if we haven’t covered it, please send us your question by email.


Your trip

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Trip style2021-12-16T09:48:40+11:00

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Before you depart

Where do we meet?2021-12-16T09:51:16+11:00

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Travel insurance2021-12-16T09:54:31+11:00

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During your trip


What standard of accommodation should you expect?

the Standard of accommodation depends on the holiday or weekend away you chose to attend. We provide anything from serviced apartments, hotels, farm stays, homestays motor homes and more. We will as provide accommodation style and comfort on the brochure and website.

We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible so it is important that you choose the right trip to fit your requirement.



General questions

What type of transport will I be travelling on


Travel services2021-12-16T09:45:42+11:00

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NDIS supported holidays

How do I use my funding2021-12-16T09:46:53+11:00

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