Learn Social Skills with Dungeons and Dragons

“Fantasy has the incredible ability to accommodate the unique parts of ourselves and welcome them.” – Meg Leach

Dungeons & Dragons, a cooperative table-top role-playing game, has been exploding in popularity over the past few years. A Slice of Life brings D&D to our participants for the first time this year as an established platform and social tool to help encourage structured social interaction, focusing on communication, relationship-building, decision-making skills, negotiation, teamwork, and collaboration. Participants become their fantasy adventurers and immerse in a world of magic and heroism, led by our Game Master (GM), Caitlin.

Make new friends and gain self-confidence through imagination and creative thinking every week while developing your own interpersonal and intellectual toolkit, with the option to focus on building skills that are important to you, such as confidence or problem-solving.

What are Dungeons & Dragons?

D&D is traditionally played in person, with players seated around a table. The first session will begin with creating your fantasy character and putting together their back story with the help of the  GM. After introducing the game and basic starting rules, Caitlin will set the stage, describing and narrating the world the characters will inhabit. The players will discuss what their characters should do, guided and encouraged at each step, allowing a safe distance to explore, process, fail, and succeed while adventuring within the imagined world.

Success and failure will often be determined by the rolls of the dice, leading to creative and rewarding adventures where you and the group safely respond to unexpected challenges and consequences, experiencing choices, goals, conflict, and developing teamwork and self-awareness.

Dungeons & Dragons create routine and structured social interaction by playing and connecting every week with a friendly group outside the immediate family. D&D also translates well to a Covid-safe setting with individual sets of dice and stationery and easily shifts to an online format if we cannot convene in person safely.

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