A Slice of Life recognises that de-cluttering is a service that many NDIS participants will benefit from to live in a safe, comfortable environment. Our de-cluttering service is highly sought after as we recognise that it is a process that needs to be managed with care, compassion, respect and patience, with an end goal in mind.

Working alongside a team of allied health professionals, if required, our team will meet with the participant in their home and discuss their concerns for their living conditions and assess any health and safety issues. We will also work closely with the support coordinator and/or care team to ensure that all parties are heard and that the de-cluttering plan encompasses all concerns.

The decluttering plan starts creating an agreement with the participant and moves onto sorting belongings and deciding what is to be kept and discarded. All discarded items will be removed and disposed of whilst all retained items will be organised into a system that is manageable for the participant.


It is often a requirement of de-cluttering to have cleaning, pest control services and various tradespeople involved in the process. These services are coordinated by A Slice of Life to ensure the least disruption for the participant whilst gaining the best possible outcome. New furniture or organising/storage systems can also be organised by us.

We understand that it is often hard to part with possessions, so we work at the participant’s pace, with compassion and patience, whilst also balancing the need to achieve the goal of safe living conditions.

Sometimes it is important to work one or two rooms at a time to allow the participant time to adjust. Our goal is a successful outcome for the participant, so we move at a pace that they can manage.

In our experience, a successful decluttering service gives the participant pride in themselves and their home, it boosts their self esteem and, most importantly, it allows them to live in a safe, clean environment with reduced stress.

A Slice of Life de-cluttering service includes:

  • Creation of a de-cluttering plan that is signed off by the participant.
  • Coordination of allied health professionals, as required, including Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Teams, etc.
  • Communication with care and community team, including family and/or carers, support coordinators, Department of Housing, etc.
  • Sorting, tidying, removal of accumulated clutter.
  • Organising of all retained items into cupboards, pantry, shelving or filing system.
  • Coordination of additional service providers including waste removal, cleaning, pest control, trades for repair or modifications.
  • Purchase of agreed furniture and/or organisation/storage systems.
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