Our Approach

“The power of good friends and forever friendships cannot be underestimated. The health benefits, both physically and mentally, are repeatedly documented. We have all formed and found tribes throughout our lives but the question now is: How will A Slice of Life change yours?

Christine Cockburn, Founder

At A Slice of Life, everything we do is based on dignity, respect and empowerment.

We truly want the very best for all the people we work with. This includes participants, their families and our team.

Whether you’re working with our social, education, support or home & garden maintenance team, we all have one thing in common. Our focus is on you and how we can help you live your best life. As a result, you have more fun, more friends, more activities, more opportunities and greater peace of mind.

Above all, our primary goal is to create a supportive community where you have choice and control.

In line with this goal, at our social activities and trips away, we want you to feel welcome, make friends, learn new skills, relax and be yourself.

Our education programs ensure that you’re learning skills that will improve your independence. This will hopefully help you get a job that you enjoy.

Similarly, with our support and support coordination, our aim is to connect you with workers and services that match your personality, needs and goals.

Finally, our home and garden maintenance team will work with you respectfully to restore your home to a safe, clean environment. We can also put organisation systems into place that are easily managed for sustainable change.

Our personal approach creates an environment full of opportunity and possibility.

A Slice of Life: “The place to find your tribe”

Meet the team

Christine Cockburn

Facilitator of Fun & Empowerment

Christine is the founder and owner of A Slice of Life. With a background in travel, catering and disability support, Christine is passionate about creating inclusive, fun, empowering programs for people with additional needs. She has an excellent working knowledge of the NDIS, has worked as a Local Area Coordinator and Support Co-ordinator.

In line with her purpose, Christine is building a team of skilled, caring people to deliver exceptional services. Specifically, working with people with complex and changing health care needs as well as with low support needs are the core of Christine’s focus.

Likewise, she is passionate about supporting people to be independent, confident, healthy and happy in their lives.

Gaye Liston

Facilitator of All Things Admin

Gaye Liston is a highly valued member of the team looking after all things to do with administration and NDIS related. She has extensive experience working as a Local Area Coordinator and is highly organised. Additionally, she has an excellent understanding of the NDIS and its intricacies.

Gaye is compassionate, gentle and patient when working with people, with a goal of wanting the very best outcomes for everyone. When she’s dealing with systems and processes, she’s professional, efficient and detail-oriented whilst able to see how the details make up the big picture.

When she’s not at work, Gaye loves going to the beach, walking, travelling, going out to restaurants and the theatre.

Caitlin Porter

Facilitator of Support

Caitlin graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in 2009 and worked for a decade in live theatre as a sound designer, composer, and engineer, with her passion for music taking her from her home in Sydney to Melbourne, Perth, London, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Oslo. Bringing the stories of minorities and the voiceless to life on the stage was life-shaping for Caitlin, who took the leap from a full-time job in theatre to full-time study in Psychology. She is currently working on her thesis and will complete her Honours degree at the end of 2021, before commencing further education in the new year.

Beyond work and study Caitlin has a passion for video games and community. She founded and manages a resource and support network for nearly 8,000 women in gaming across the world. Caitlin has a very cute dog called Scout and also eagerly awaits strapping on her skates and returning to the roller derby rink very soon!

Justine Bennett

Facilitator of Fun & Education

Justine has a background in program development, human resources, business consulting and marketing. Throughout her career, she’s worked with people with additional needs. She joins Christine in her mission to build confidence and independence in young people so they can live their best life, connected with friends in a supportive community.

Justine heads up our SLES and training programs. She truly understands the importance of building confidence and improving skills to secure a job that is fulfilling and rewarding that makes the most of the participant’s personality and interests.

Having worked with Civic and CanTeen, Justine has a strong understanding of the difference that empowerment, a strong peer network and a sense of belonging can make to people’s lives.

Monique Lambert

Facilitator of Support

Monique has spent a lifetime caring for others in some shape or form. She opened her first of two cafes from the age of 20 where she was able to bring her love of food and humanity together. Her passion and insights into wellbeing and nutrition put her way ahead of the current health trends. She followed her dream of working as a flight attendant, combining her love of hospitality, travel, meeting people and exploring new cultures.

Monique has always been an integral part of her local community. She volunteers much of her time to help those who need it most. From friends and family coping with addiction to the vulnerable and elderly who need daily support, love and attention. Mon has also been actively and selflessly promoting small businesses struggling during the COVID crisis.

Monique’s constant positive and passionate approach brings joy and hope to the people she supports.

Brooke Childs

Brooke Childs

Facilitator of fun & Support

Brooke is 20 years old and she is in charge of planning, scheduling and booking all the fun social activities we offer.

Brooke’s background is in child care and is new to the disability sector. Her experience working with babies and toddlers has given Brooke an excellent understanding of the responsibility that is placed in our hands when we’re caring for your loved ones, and she takes that responsibility seriously. As a young person, she also understands the need to get out and about and establish your independence in a safe and supported environment.

Her passion in life is to always offer a helping hand and A Slice of Life creates an amazing opportunity for her to do exactly that.

She is very excited to begin her journey and experience a new chapter of her life. 

Where are we?

We work with clients throughout Sydney CBD, the Eastern Suburbs, the Inner West, St George and the Sutherland Shire.

Our courses are held in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs at the Community Hall at St Matt’s Anglican Church. The hall is on the corner of Lord Street & Botany Road, Botany NSW 2019 (1331 Botany Road).

This is a great space that has a full kitchen, lots of room, a good undercover outdoor space, parking on site. There are also two bus stops within one block. The hall and bathrooms are fully accessible.

Servicing Greater Sydney, the Central Coast and Northern Rivers region of NSW.